This time Catty ask you to learn about the time. You can draw the hands on the clock to show the time to the hour, half hour, quarter after and quarter to. Then color it. Download the worksheet by klik the button below. After that print the worksheet, and youRead More →

Telling Time Worksheet This is a good worksheet for kids to tell time. It gives you lots of examples for telling time. Enjoy this freebie!       Match the Clock Belly’s Alarm Clock Willy’s Alarm Clock    Read More →

Willy’s Alarm Clock. This worksheet help you learn telling time to the minute. Below each alarm clock, write the times on the digital clocks. Print and Do!      Read More →

Belly’s Alarm Clock – Let’s learn the digital clocks! (the hour, half hour, quarter after and quarter to) Download and print the worksheet. Then you can try to write the times on the digital clocks below each alarm clock. Enjoy it!      Read More →

Hi , let’s learn about the time with Kiddy . You can ask Mom and Dad to print the worksheet , and then do it together . Match the clock! Draw a line to connect the matching times. Have a good study!    Read More →

Hai… 🙂 Kalian tentu sudah belajar penjumlahan dan pengurangan kan? Beberapa waktu yang lalu Kiddy membuat game matematika penjumlahan dan pengurangan, kali ini Kiddy dan Tessa membuat game yang mengajak kalian untuk belajar sekaligus belajar untuk memilih operator apa yang cocok dengan masing-masing perhitungan. Ada dua jenis operator yang KiddyRead More →

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