In another series of worksheets you have studied the shape of a circle. This time Kiddy invite you to learn a rectangular shape. Examine which objects are in a rectangular shape. Find and color them as Kiddy’s asked. You can find the rest of the Let’s Learn Shape! Series worksheetsRead More →

Have you studied various types of two-dimensional shapes? One type of shape is a circle. Consider the objects around you, many of them are circular shape. This time in the series “Let’s Learn Shape“, Kiddy invite you to find objects that include a circular shape. Find and color them asRead More →

Today Belly ask you to learn English Synonym For Kids. You can choose the synonym of a word with fun and colorful picture. And off course you can ask your parents to help to download this file and play with your own computer. Hope you enjoy the program and haveRead More →

Hello friends, Belly is a cute bear who become your friend to learn and play. Today Belly ask you to learn English for kids together. You can learn English with Belly with ease and fun. You can also ask for help from your parents or guardian to download this fileRead More →

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