Let’s learn about Farm Animals for kids with child-friendly video with colorful illustrations and sounds make the process of learning enjoyable and promote object recognition and vocabulary skills. Farm Animals and Their Sounds are for children in nursery or toddler, that fun and easy to understand. Play the video and letRead More →

Hi , let’s learn about the time with Kiddy . You can ask Mom and Dad to print the worksheet , and then do it together . Match the clock! Draw a line to connect the matching times. Have a good study!    Read More →

Cardinal number is used to calculate the amount of something. Cardinal number tells how many. For example, 5 cats, 2 oranges, and etc. You can download the following cardinal number 1-100 in the form of a pdf file ready for printing using A4 paper. Every cardinal number has wording, soRead More →

Look around you, can you find objects that have the shape of a square? At this serial worksheet, Kiddy asks you to search for objects which have a square shape. Can you find it? Find and color them as Kiddy’s asked. You can find the rest of the Let’s LearnRead More →

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